SMIX Platform

SEMIX Test Data Analysis Platform

   Product Description

With the rapid development of the RF industry, RF front-end products need to support more standards, more frequency bands, more index requirements, and more data analysis. The current status of the industry is that the data analysis of most enterprises still stays in manual reading and analysis, Excel processing and analysis, such as product design evaluation test report, client device self-test report and other professional reports need to be sorted out and checked page by page by senior experts of the company . With the gradual lock-in of the 3GPP agreement, the 5G industry standard is basically solidified, and the range of product test indicators is basically solidified. With the optimization iteration of the product, a large number of similar data analyzes are repeated, and the data analysis has entered a mature stage. Compared with most industries, the labor cost of the RF industry is more expensive. In order to professionalize the data analysis process, reduce the requirements of engineers for data analysis capabilities, and improve the efficiency of data analysis, SEMIX Test Data Analysis Platform came into being.


The Suzhou Semi-mile marketing team researched the commonly used data formats of RF front-end companies, integrated the user's usage habits, and the cognition of the production line test data analysis, and created a customized, simplified, Professional data analysis software platform: SEMIX test data analysis platform (hereinafter referred to as SEMIX). Based on the SEMIX platform, Semi-mile has developed in-depth customized software for many companies in the industry, which solves the problems of inefficient operation of enterprises such as the difficulty of analyzing data for newcomers and the inefficient operation of senior employees for many years.

   Product Features

SEMIX is mainly composed of modules such as file processing, data preprocessing, interface display, data analysis, automated reporting, and data security. Customers can choose to customize some of these functions according to their needs.