Power Amplifier

   Product Description

The power amplifier team of Suzhou Semi-mile T&C Co., Ltd. consists of industry-leading designers, who are proficient in core technologies such as GaN device models, RF power amplifier design, high-density micro-assembly, and RF chip reliability assurance. Combined with our in-house micro-assembly and reliability testing platforms, we have established an end-to-end process from chip design to power amplifier product delivery, ensuring product performance metrics and reliability.


Our company's power amplifier products have a wide range of applications, including laboratory research and development, production line ATE, as well as reliability and high-power testing. We support the customization of power amplifier modules and complete systems, and our professional application and after-sales teams can swiftly respond to customer needs.

   Product Features

  • High-gain design, facilitating link design, with a typical gain of 60dB
  • Highly customizable, providing products in module and chassis forms
  • Power supply voltage: 28~32V (module type); 220V AC (chassis type)
  • User-friendly, internally integrated voltage stabilization, monitoring, and protection functions
  • Intelligent temperature-controlled fans, reducing operational noise and optimizing the working environment
  • Applicable to RF front-end chip testing for 4G/5G/WiFi, and EMC testing