High-Speed Cable Test System

   Product Description

STP8000L is a high-speed cable test system from Semi-mile T&C. The system supports mainstream high-speed digital standard protocols, including PCIe Gen4/Gen5 1X-16X, Mini SAS HD / Slimline SAS, SFP / SFP+ / SFP28 / SFP56, QSFP+ /QSFP28 / QSFP56 / QSFP-DD / OSFP, USB3.0 / USB4.0 / TBT3.0 / TBT4.0 / HDMI / DP, high-speed differential pair, etc. This system can be applied to production test and R&D failure detection, which caused by adapters / cable / cycle structure etc.

   Product Features

  • up to 64 ports
  • 96/128/144 channel extension supported (optional)
  • Frequency range: DC~40GHz
  • More than 2 million times life
  • ECal modules/Mechanical calibration kits supported
  • Remote control: RS485, USB