High Power Test System of RF Chip

   Product Description

The main purpose of the high-power test of the RF chip is to pass the preliminary screening, find products that do not meet the performance requirements early, verify the reliability of the chip, and evaluate the long-term working life. At the same time, the real-time measurement of the RF parameter degradation of the RF chip under high-power excitation characteristics and the storage of failure transient data are very important for measuring the characteristics of the device.

   Product Features

  • Independent design and development of power amplifier and automatic measurement and control software
  • Wizard-style calibration operation guide, calibrate the loss (gain) of input and output paths
  • Support the PowerServo function, real-time dynamic adjustment of the input power of excitation to the RF chip
  • Flexible external software interface, supporting communication and control of high-low temperature chamber from different manufacturers
  • Simple system structure and low cost
  • Flexible definition of output results, support for custom storage of power log files and network instrument S parameter files