Rf Chip RF-HTOL Test System

   Product Description

The RF chip RF-HTOL test system is a High temperature operating life test system developed by Semi-mile Measurement and Control. The system can realize the functions of high-power excitation and output power detection for RF chip testing.


The system can be applied to reliability analysis, and with high-low temperature chamber and other equipment, it can evaluate the normal working life of the chip for a long time in the future, that is, the estimation of the life cycle of electronic devices.

   Product Features

  • Self-designed power amplifier, power divider, MFI module and automatic measurement and control software
  • Self-developed and controllable core components, flexible customization according to actual needs
  • Use an external directional coupler for automatic power detection and alarm
  • The system architecture is simple and the cost is relatively low
  • 600MHz-3GHz, the output power through the power splitter is ≥40dBm
  • 3GHz-6GHz, output power ≥33dBm (depending on customer requirements and RF link loss)
  • Amplitude difference between channels ≤±0.5dB