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Sales Engineer



Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for market development, customer maintenance and after-sales service in the designated area;
2. Be responsible for the promotion, promotion and sales of products in the region, and complete the sales target;
3. Do a good job in the signing, performance and management of sales contracts, and coordinate and deal with various market problems;
4. Summarize and coordinate the supply demand plan, and formulate the supply allocation plan.

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in testing and measuring instruments, electronic engineering is preferred, familiar with wireless communication, semiconductor, chip market.
2. Understand oscilloscope, vector signal generator, spectrum analyzer, vector network analyzer and other testing and measuring instruments;
3.1 years or above experience in semiconductor sales industry, strong sense of responsibility, self-confidence, active work, ability to learn and adapt, can work under pressure, have an open mind, good communication skills and team spirit.


RF Engineer



Job Responsibilities:
1. Complete the product layout of RF channel module, understand and master the common RF indexes, and participate in the scheme review;
2. Participate in the research and development, design and debugging of RF channel module;
3. Under the guidance of intermediate and senior RF engineers, complete link simulation, device selection, schematic diagram and PCB layout, cycle evaluation, etc. according to the detailed scheme design;
4. Be responsible for technical status control, and complete the preparation, review and filing of product-related documents (such as schematic diagram, PCB board, BOM table and test analysis report, etc.);
5. Have the ability to feedback technical problems in product development and production process and coordinate and solve problems.

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in testing and measuring instruments and electronic engineering is preferred;
2. Understand and know how to use hardware testing instruments such as oscilloscope, vector signal generator, spectrum analyzer and vector network analyzer;
3. Have the ability to write design related documents and have experience in product debugging and testing;
4. Strong sense of responsibility, self-confidence, active work, strong learning and adaptability, able to withstand pressure, with an open mind, good communication skills and team spirit, able to complete the temporary work assigned by the leader;
5. The spirit of technical research and technological innovation.


Wireless Communications Algorithm Engineer



1. Responsible for designing and optimizing physical layer measurement algorithms of 5G/4G/IOT/WIFI/BT and other wireless communication standards;
2. Responsible for measurement algorithm simulation and document/patent writing;
3 3. Responsible for the implementation of software and hardware parts, guiding software coordination.

1. Communication engineering, master's degree or above in electronic engineering and other related majors;
2. Solid theoretical foundation in digital communication, signal processing, wireless communication technology, etc.
3. Proficient in MATLAB and C and C ;
4. Familiar with LTE/NR/WIFI physical layer standard (either is acceptable), OFDM signal demodulation experience is preferred;
5. Strong English standard reading ability, able to output high-quality technical reports;
6. Serious and practical work attitude, good communication skills and spirit of cooperation.

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