Filter CP Test System

   Product Description

With the development of chip structure and advanced packaging technology, wafer-level testing is becoming more and more important. Compared with traditional finished product testing, wafer-level RF parametric testing puts forward higher requirements for testing solutions in terms of calibration, probes, test accuracy, and result generation.


Semi-mile provides a flexible configuration test solution, has industry-leading UPH, test accuracy and rich delivery experience, and can quickly help customers deploy test systems.

   Product Features

  • Support single site and dual site measurement
  • Support for importing calibration files
  • Support the sampling test of Die in the wafer (sampling ratio: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, etc.)
  • Software low yield alarm
  • Support Mapping function, the output results include Mapping(txt)\S parameter file\DAT file\STDF file\test log file, among which STDF file can be parsed into csv file
  • Open API, support data upload to MES system